1100 Developments

The 1600cc Racing Car Class may have been stealing the headlines this year with the multi-car battles that have been fought out all across the English hills, but at Midland Championship level the mighty scraps between the two fastest drivers of these little screamers hasn’t escaped our attentions.

Simon Fidoe Empire 002

Team Dog Empire-Suzuki 002 in the Prescott Paddock


Although several of the expected challengers in the class have been largely absent so far this season as Chris Aspinall, Clive Austin and Phil Cooke await the completion of their new Empire chassis, and the works Empire Force has appeared only once in the hands of Bill Chaplin and Toby Moody due to engine issues at Prescott back in April, the class of 2012 has largely remained intact and has put on a real show.

The 2012 pacemakers were Gary Thomas (Force PT), Simon Fidoe (Empire 002) and George Brown (Force PT). Thomas has now moved on to the 1600cc Class of the Midland Speed Championship with a Force PC chassis, having sold his 1100 on to Richard & Lindsay Summers, but Fidoe and Brown have further developed their cars to cover the challenge of the new-comers.

George Brown who shares his car with his Father, former Shelsley Walsh outright record holder Richard, felt that his ex. Mark Budget/Jane Farthing car was getting to the limit of its grip towards the end of last season, so he has added an extra plane to the rear wing of the car using endplate extensions. At Prescott and Shelsley early on in the season George felt that the overall downforce had improved and the car was giving plenty of confidence, however at the more technical Loton Park last weekend the car was understeering slightly more than usual, which could suggest that the balance has swung a little more rearward…

George Brown Force PT

Rear Wing Extension clearly visible in this shot at Shelsley Walsh


Former Leaders Champion Simon Fidoe has made huge strides with his spaceframe-chassised Empire over the winter, with yet another raft of aerodynamic modifications to this Suzuki-powered projectile. The car arrived at Prescott back in April with new front endplates and a simply MASSIVE new venturi floor. Seriously folks, this floor is huge.

Simon Fidoe Empire 002

Enormous floor on the Empire-Suzuki 002


Simon Fidoe Empire 002

Floor is ‘driven’ by the rear wing and complex endplates.


Probably the only time we can recall seeing a bigger set of tunnels they were on Dave ‘Lofty’ Cutcliffe’s Van Diemen ‘wing-car’ which contested the British Sprint Championship in the late 90s and early 00s!

Dave Cutcliffe Van Diemen

Dave Cutcliffe’s Formula Ford Van Diemen-based Wing-Car (thanks to Steve Wilkinson).


It is fantastic to see so much development going on throughout the field at British and Midland Championship events. If you haven’t done so already, then check some of these cars out, they’re more trick than you might think!

And if you are in any doubt as to the potential pace of these little cars, then check out the pace and commitment shown in this videos shot at ┬áTop Ess at Shelsley Walsh back in May….




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