1600 Comparison

The 1600cc Racing Car class has always been a hotbed of intense competition on the hills. Whether the event is a regional clubby or a full-house BHC event over the past 40 years or so the 1600 Warriors have always put on a great show whether the engine of choice was a Lotus Twin Cam, a Cosworth BDA, a Suzuki GSXR1300, a Honda Blackbird or the current engine of choice the Suzuki Hayabusa.

Richard Spedding Force PC

The Spedding Force has been the 1600 pace-setter so far in 2013


So far in 2013, the 2012 pace-setters Jos Goodyear and the GWR Raptor have been virtually absent from the results sheets, initially due to a niggly electrical problem and more recent due to Jos’ unfortunate practice shunt at Shelsley Walsh at the start of the month.

The result of the Raptor being hors de combat has been a series of spectacular and incredibly close fought battles between the competitors who were battling for the back of the podium last year and even a new-comer or two.

Back at the end of May, at Gurston Down’s British Hillclimb Championship a huge five-way battle raged at the front of the field between Force PC drivers Eynon Price, Richard Spedding and Dave Uren as well who were joined in battle by Gurston regular James Blackmore’s OMS 25 and South West Star Ed Hollier and his self-developed Pilbeam MP62.

Hollow Bend at Gurston is always a corner which separates the men from the boys when it comes to the smaller-engined cars as the driver battle to see who can hustle their car flat out around the notorious left hand sweeper at the bottom of the hill.

By filming at the marshal’s post on the inside of Hollow during the first qualifying runs at Gurston we were able to gain a snapshot of these top drivers at work, and to have a look at each individual technique.

So, here you go, check out the different approaches to getting a 1600 through Hollow as quickly as possible:

Eynon Price


James Blackmore


Dave Uren


Ed Hollier


Richard Spedding



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