2011 in Pictures – Drivers Relaxing

Our photo selection from the 2011 British Hillclimb paddock continues with another look at some of the drivers.

The hillclimb day can be very long and with limited track activity there is a lot of time to kill. Many drivers have their own unique way to pass the hours of inactivity, check out the following approaches:

sidecar Gurston Down

At least the sidecar passengers get their own seats!

Kelvin Jouhar Westfield Gurston Down

Westfield driver Kelvin Jouhar between runs at Gurston Down

John Forsyth Gurston Down

John Forsyth relieves the stress of driving his Pilbeam MP58 at Gurston Down

Roger Moran Shelsley Walsh

BHC runner-up Roger Moran watches the cars with a brew at Shelsley Walsh

Les Mutch chills out at Shelsley while Sandra Tomlin, Billy Cater & Miss Admin look on

Tony Wiltshire fires himself up for a flat out blast through Hollow Bend at Gurston Down

Trevor Willis looks pensive as he waits for a run at Doune Hillclimb (love the shoes Trev)!

MX5 driver Paul Webster gofors for his mates between runs

David Wilson Prescott Hillclimb

Leading contender for 'Class 1B Jester' Dave Wilson fires up the z's in the Prescott paddock

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