2011 in Pictures – Paddock Intrigue

During our first full season covering the hills we have acrued a great selection of photos showing all elements of paddock life. As a little Christmas treat we thought that we would show our favourites. So, over the next few days keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot yourself!

The first of our catagories features some of the spy shots & interesting news stories of the year.

Tiff Needell Gurston Down Fifth Gear Top Gear F1

Tiff Needell competed at Gurston Down in April

Chris Merrick Tom New Gould GR55 Shelsley Walsh

NewMerrick NoMore: Chris Merrick retired from top-line competition

Paul Haimes Mallock Mk18/20 Shelsley Walsh

Haimesy's Back: Paul Haimes returned to the hills in the Ward's Mallock

Scott Moran GWR Raptor Doune Hillclimb

Raptor Rotation 1: Scott Moran has a go in Lee Adams' GWR Raptor at Doune

GWR Raptor Roger Moran Doune Hillclimb

Raptor Rotation 2: Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Roger Moran had a go as well!

Tony Wiltshire Gould GR55 Gurston Down

Wilt Returns: Tony Wiltshire returned to the hills with the ex. Marsh Gould-Cosworth GR55

Gobal GT Light Ruptured Duck Gurston Down

Global GT Light: Team Ruptured Duck get fettling on this new car to the hills

Don’t forget to keep checking back for the next selection of hillclimb highlights!

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