2011 SHC Awards – Event of the Year

To celebrate the end of speedhillclimb.com’s first year of existance we have decided to look back on the year and recognise some of the stunning performances we have seen on the hills in 2011.

The prizes are purely bragging rights in the 2012 paddock, but nevertheless over the last few days of the year we will be announcing the 2012 speedhillclimb.com Awards!

The 5th of our awards will be presented for the ‘Event of the Year’:

There have been several wonderful events this year, at both National and Regional level.

The Bugatti Owners Club’s Prescott Midland Championship round at the end of June featured hot weather and hot competition combined with a (mostly!) relaxed atmosphere.

Woolbridge Motor Club’s May 2-dayer at Wiscombe Park in Devon was the perfect club event, with a great mix of cars & drivers and a very close scrap for FTD between wildly different cars.

But the award, for the innovative idea of developing a festival out of a club event, goes to the Bugatti Owners Club for the Prescott Bike Festival. We were unable to attend the first running of this (now annual) event, but nobody seems to have a bad word to say about it.

Well done to all at the BOC, we’ll be there in 2012!

Check back tomorrow for the big one, Driver of the Year.


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