2012 in Pictures – Familiar Faces

The next stop in our photographic tour of the Speed Hillclimb paddock involves many of the familiar faces who make hillclimbing the fun, competitive, entertaining and friendly place it is.

Check out these paddock celebrities:

Graeme Wight Jnr

Raptor constructor Graeme Wight Jnr shows off the GWR Red Booties!


Andy Kittle

Does anyone travel further to spectate on the hills!? Andy Kittle relaxes between batches at Bouley Bay….


Tim Wilson

New BHC co-ordinator Tim Wilson keeps an eye on things from BHC Control on Jersey!


Doug Auld

Gurston Chairman Doug Auld arrives to ‘assist’ the Gurston Incident Team at the August National!


Shirley Graves

It’s raining, the car is ready to go, but where do you put the duvet!? Shirley Graves demonstrates great ingenuity at Gurston in April….


Sam Wilson

Trevor Willis’ gofor Sam Wilson hard at work on Jersey…



Luxury seating at Gurston Down in September…. Vince & Emma Stone & family chill out by the startline!


Russ Ward

T-Shirt of the year!? Russ Ward, modest as ever!


Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the final installment….



  1. Its Christmas :)
    Thanks for the entertainment you must be dedicated.

  2. Andy Barton says:

    Happy Christmas James. You have done a Great Job, Keeping it All Coming this Winter.

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