2012 SHC Awards – Class of the Year

To celebrate the end of speedhillclimb.com’s second full year of existence, we have decided to review the year and recognise some of the stunning performances we have seen on the hills over the 2012 season.

The prizes are purely for bragging rights in the 2013 paddock, but nevertheless over the last few days of the year we will be announcing the winners of the 2013 speedhillclimb.com Awards!The 2nd of our awards will be presented for the ‘Class of the Year’:

There have been many fun-filled and competitive championship classes during the year, at both National and Regional level.

The unlimited Sports Libre Class has seen MASSIVE variety all season long, with saloons, prototypes, Group B cars, kit cars and sports car all starring. Every week there is something impressive to watch, whether it is the brute force of the Quattro & Puma or the precision of the MP43s, entertainment is guaranteed.

For competition and number of potential winners each week, the 1100cc Racing Car Class has been top of the tree. Gary Thomas, Simon Fidoe, Olivia Cooper, Chris Aspinall, Adam Steel, Darren Gumley, Simon Andrews and George Brown have all starred during the year and even more is expected for 2013 with some very big names entering the fray

But the award, thanks to an amazing level of driving commitment, technical development and stunning records, goes (for the second year running) to the 1600cc Racing Car Class of the British Hillclimb Championship. Never before has this class attracted so much attention, especially from the Unlimited Class.

Well done to all of you guys!

Check back tomorrow for award no.3.

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