2012 SHC Awards – Drive of the Year

To celebrate the end of speedhillclimb.com’s second full year of existence, we have decided to review the year and recognise some of the stunning performances we have seen on the hills over the 2012 season.

The prizes are purely for bragging rights in the 2013 paddock, but nevertheless over the last few days of the year we will be announcing the winners of the 2013 speedhillclimb.com Awards!The 1st of our awards is for the ‘Drive of the Year’:

There have been many notable performances during the year, at both National and Regional level.

West Country driver Antony Bulpitt has produced amazing performances all season, but at the Wiscombe National event in July he demolished his local record with a scarcely believable 41.16s time. This record was set in a rather elderly, though incredibly powerful, ROAD-GOING Ford Sierra Cosworth. To put this time in context, South West legend Roy Bray was over 2 seconds back with his Cosworth…

At Loton Park back in June, Jos Goodyear managed to silence the entire paddock. The other contenders were lining up for their turns when Jos Goodyear opened the second Run Off with the little GWR Raptor. The assembly area was collectively stunned when the clock stopped to show that Jos had taken over half a second off of the previous outright hill record. Scott Moran cruelly stole the record back later in the run off, but Jos was star of the show.

But this award can only go in one direction, and that is to our new British Champion. At Prescott in September the weather conspired to create another Run Off in which the big cars weren’t involved as a downpour struck the hill just after the 1100cc class had run. This meant that none of the Unlimited class runner qualified… Except for one. Trevor Willis pulled out the run of the year just when he needed it most, to sneak into the second Run Off in eleventh position. He finished second in the Run Off itself and those 9 points were as vital as any in securing the title.

Great stuff Trev, you really were on it that weekend!

Check back tomorrow for award no. 2.

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