2012 SHC Awards – Venue of the Year

To celebrate the end of speedhillclimb.com’s second full year of existence, we have decided to review the year and recognise some of the stunning performances we have seen on the hills over the 2012 season.

The prizes are purely for bragging rights in the 2013 paddock, but nevertheless over the last few days of the year we will be announcing the winners of the 2013 speedhillclimb.com Awards!

The 3rd of our awards will be presented for the ‘Venue of the Year’:

There have been several venues which have impressed us with improvements to facilities this year, and mainly they have been National level venues.

The BARC (Yorkshire Centre)’s Harewood Hillclimb have worked hard on improving one of the most important parts of any hillclimb venue, the available food! The previous ‘chuck van’ at Harewood was pretty bad, and very expensive for what it was, but Our Correspondent & I were very impressed with the new ‘marquee’ set up when we dined there in July. Good breakfasts, proper lunches, healthy options, what more can we ask for?

As well as the improvements to the food at Harewood, the BARCs other venue at Gurston Down has also seen ongoing development this year. New paddock buildings, general tidying up and a new grub station trackside at Ashes Bend have pushed the South West venue in contention for this award.

But the winner, is Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb and the Midland Automobile Club for the immense amount of effort and investment that has poured into Shelsley Walsh over the past 12 months. A new bar, a viewing terrace at Kennel Bend and many other new features (including all-important spectator signs) have enhanced the spectator appeal of the oldest UK hill in existance.

Well done to the MAC and all involved in the venue!

Check back tomorrow for award no.4.


  1. Eddie says:

    Hope you’re not suggesting I had the healthy option at Harewood!

  2. Red Bull says:

    Healthiest thing you had all year was a glass of water.

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