2012 Testing Update

Whilst the top Formula One teams head to the Iberian peninsula to launch and test their cars for the new season, hillclimbers have a slightly more low key approach.

Rather than 5 days of running round & round at Barcelona or Jerez, the serious boys in the speed hillclimb head to sub-tropical Lichfield, Staffs for a quick blast around Curborough Sprint Course.

Our spies tells us that several new cars or driver combinations have debuted their steeds in the past couple of weeks as anticipation grows ahead of the Loton Park test day this weekend.

Two eagerly anticipated new cars have run so far as a mid-week test day saw the debuts of brand new cars from Force Racing Cars & Gould Engineering.

Will Hall shook down his new Force V6 and despite a few niggly problems with the wiring loom has pronounced himself happy with the car.

But the most welcome news, and possibly the least expected by some nay-sayers, was the appearance of the Moyse family with the first Gould GR59 to roll out of the Newbury works. This car HAS run and IS ready for the 2012 season!

Also out for a few laps of Curborough at a seperate test last week were James & Charles Williams with their newly purchased & rebuilt Force PC (ex. Eynon Price) and Richard ‘hillclimbsupplies’ Walker with his Dallara-Suzuki (ex. James & Charles Williams).

As yet we have no images of these exciting new cars, but if anyone does and they would like to share them then we would love to run them. Bacon butty at the next event for the first volunteer!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Well done James and Chloe.
    Ah, rejuvenation may be at hand, and the Moyse boys may be boys once more! I wish them every success, and may those successes reflect their matchless patience.
    Is there a ban on cameras at Curb borough?
    Good news too, about Ian Dayson getting it all done in time for Will Hall to hit the ground running from the start of the season.
    Surely your Special Correspondent would have been there [?]
    Yours ever, hoping to be spared long enough to see the GR59 at first hand, and breathe the fumes. Does it run on methanol? I do hope so.
    PS: I hope too that your pixappeal bears fruit.

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