2012 Title Showdown

So, this weekend is the big one. The 2012 British Hillclimb Championship will be decided at Loton Park, Shropshire on Sunday.


Trevor Willis

Championship favourite Trevor Willis



Trevor Willis is the man in the hot seat and looks set to claim his first BHC title victory. Of course if Trevor does manage to get the job done this weekend, then the result will also see Yorkshire-based hillclimb constructor OMS Racing Cars break the Gould domination of the BHC and claim their own first title at National level.

It will take a remarkable performance for defending champion Scott Moran to overhaul the lead that Willis has built up over the past two months. At Loton Moran needs to win both Top 12 Run Offs , with at least one hill record, and with Willis not finishing higher than 3rd either time. As I said, a very tall order… And impossible if the event is wet of course.


Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Scott Moran is the current Champion and holds the Outright Hill Record at Loton, for now…



There are also battles for position going on right down the top 10 as the big boys scrap for the coveted 1-10 numbers for 2013.

Roger Moran and Jos Goodyear are neck & neck for 3rd overall.

Will Hall, Tom New & John Bradburn still have to sort out 7th, 8th & 9th places.

The drivers who are confirmed in their finishing positions though are Wallace Menzies (5th), Lee Adams (6th) and Richard Spedding (10th).

To make life easier to keep on top of the ever-changing points positions over the weekend, that clever computer-type Rich Danby of http://www.zipp.co.uk/ has put together a brilliant tool which works out each drivers score and their possible scores. Rich will have this updated immediately after each Run Off.

The tool can be found at this link http://www.zipp.co.uk/bhc.php

Great work Rich, this tool will be invaluable over the weekend.

We will aim to be tweeting all weekend (signal dependant unfortunately) and will bring all we know to those who can’t be there for this title showdown.


  1. Sandra Tomlin says:

    Fingers crossed for Trevor !!!!

  2. Andy kittle says:

    Good luck for Trevor a real detimered bloke really impressed me while I was marshaling at craigantlet couple of years ago the corner after the cross roads
    Trevor too late on the brakes mounted the bank three feet from me while he was airborne going through the hedge he reached down switched off the engine mighty stuff
    So for things like that and his determination all year he gets my vote

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