2013 Calendar…. Whats Left?

Today’s post will conclude our tour of the calendars of the British Hillclimb Championship venues for 2013.

Shelsley Walsh


A few of the BHC hills haven’t as yet listed their 2013 schedules as far as we can find, but a quick glance at the British Hillclimb Championship calendar has confirmed a few of the events.


Barbon Manor – 11 May – British Hillclimb Championship

Shelsley Walsh – 01 & 02 June - British Hillclimb Championship

Shelsley Walsh - 17 & 18 August - British Hillclimb Championship

Craigantlet – 03 August - British Hillclimb Championship


As soon as these venues confirm via the full schedules through their own websites, then we will let you know what is happening for the rest of the season.

Well, that concludes our first look through the 2013 dates f0r BHC venues, the calendar on the site will be updated as soon as we get a chance to sort it out!

Initially we have looked at the British Championship venues, however if you have the dates for your local hill then please share them with us and we will include them in this series of posts as well as our calendar.

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