2013 in Pictures – Drivers at Rest!

Our 2013 in Pictures series continues today with a look at some of the drivers who make the hillclimb paddock such an entertaining place to be.

A weekends hillclimbing can be tough with the combination of early starts, hard graft, intense concentration, and occasionally a few cheeky beers on the Saturday night. This can take it out on the less hardy members of the paddock…. Whilst others find new and innovative ways to stay alert and on the money!



Tom Brown SPA Judd

Tom Brown keeps himself in shape by carrying tyres around the paddock (probably should’ve helped him)!



Pilbeam Mick Howlett

It’s not just the drivers… Where would this post be without a pic of Pilbeam Mick sleeping?



Andrew Fraser Metro 6R4

Jovial Gent Andrew Fraser fires up some Z’s in the Gurston paddock.



Geoff Page

Engine Builder Geoff Page grabbing forty winks at Harewood!



Dave Warburton Caterham 7

The younger guys get in on the act as well, Dave Warburton does what students do best!



Mike Tregoning

Mike Tregoning checks his lottery numbers between runs at Loton!



Paul Haimes Simon Moyse

Gould drivers Paul Haimes and Simon Moyse spend their days emailing each other!


  1. phil says:

    I need to get my backside trackside again this year!

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