2013 in Pictures – New Cars

Amongst the most popular posts we have run on this website, especially during the Christmas holiday period, are the ‘Year in Pictures’ posts covering all manner of silly activity in the hillclimb paddocks across the UK.

This year is no exception as, over the next couple of days we will have a look back through the jpeg files and drag out some of our favourites and some which we have been saving for just this moment!!

The 2013 season has seen an abundance of new cars being released into the wild, and we were there to see almost all of them….

Trevor Willis OMS 28

The first new car of 2013 to be revealed was the OMS 28 of 2012 BHC winner Trevor Willis…


Paul Haimes Gould GR59

…Rapidly followed by the eagerly anticipated Gould GR59 Turbo of Paul Haimes….


Steve Owen OMS 28

….The bike-engined variation on the OMS 28 theme was shaken down at Harewood in July….


Clive Austin Empire Wraith

….Just a couple of days before the first test of the rakish Empire Wraith…


Mike Tregoning Pilbeam MP101

….And we will have to wait until 2014 to see the now completed Pilbeam MP101 on track.



Check back tomorrow for the next installment of our 2013 in Pictures feature!

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