Hillclimb History Recognised

This weekend sees the fantastic Cholmondeley Pageant of Power event held in Cheshire. Cholmondeley is the Goodwood of the North, featuring a hillclimb, powerboat racing, helicopter displays and a static motor show.

For the first time this year Cholmondeley will recognise the part Speed Hillclimbing has played in motorsport history.

Arch Speed Hillclimb enthusiasts Tony & Shirley Tewson will be taking their ex. BHC winning Pilbeam along to the event and Shirley will compete alongside the former Formula 1 cars.

The car has the same chassis that Martyn Griffiths took the 1979 British Hillclimb Championship with, using a 2.5l Hart 420R engine. These days the car uses a 4.5l Rover V8 engine. The MP40 was built by Mike Pilbeam at a time when he was still designing F1 cars for the likes of LEC, and the car really does reflect the peak of contemporary F1 technology.

Tony has made up a pair of open exhausts for the Rover engine which will really make it scream, and allow it to compete with the DFVs in the noise stakes.

Have a great time at the event Shirley, we are sure that the style and preparation of the car will represent the sport well and hopefully gain a few new hillclimb fans.

The 'windscreen' on the Tewson MP40


  1. James says:

    Morgan Jenkins will be there for the 3rd time driving his step-fathers Lancia Fulvia..

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