A Look Forward to Loton

After a 2nd and a 3rd place finish at Shelsley Walsh last weekend, Scott Moran will be looking to get back to winning ways on Sunday at his home hill of Loton Park, Shropshire. The twice former champion, driving his Gould-NME GR61X with father Roger, is always quick at Loton and has held the hill record there since 2009.

There will be a fleet of Gould drivers challenging Scott this weekend, with no less than 10 of the GR55-based cars on the entrylist. Roger Moran and Team NewMerrick will be heading the chase.

Trevor Willis has always been demon-quick at Loton with his previous cars but, although he hasn’t been there with the new 25 chassis, lack of experience doesn’t seem to have slowed him down so far this year

DJ Racecar’s drivers will be on cloud 9 still after their spectacular performances at Shelsley, both Alex Summers and Wallace Menzies proved that they are a real threat. Menzies will almost certainly challenge for top spot over the weekend, and Summers should be threatening the 2-litre class record in dry conditions. Summers put in a low 47s climb at the recent Midland Championship round but it will take a low 46s to challenge the times achieved by recent 2-litre pace-makers Paul Haimes & Adam Fleetwood.

No doubt there will be a massive scrap amongst the 1600s as always. Will Hall & Lee Adams are sat in equal 2nd place in the Leaders Championship, but if they keep taking points of off each other then Scott Moran will start to walk away with the championship. The bike-engined cars will be mega-quick between the start and the Triangle split, but the fast and steep Cedar Straight will suit the raw grunt of the V8s, so they may struggle a litte in the dry.

Amongst the classes it will be good to see the return of championship sponsor, Nicholson McLaren boss Mike Endean in his stunning Puma Gould. This radical car is based on a Ford Puma shell, modified by Gartrac, before being finished by Gould with carbon bodywork and aero. Power comes from an RS200E 2.1 Cosworth turbo engine and the 720bhp is controlled by an Xtrac 4-wheel drive system. If you are at Loton over the weekend, then make sure you see this beasty off of the startline, it’s ‘launches’ are spectacular!

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