Pilbeam MP58

The star of the nineties. The aluminium honeycombe MP58 was designed with big V8 engines in mind, but was equally happy with a singing 4-cylinder.

The first chassis debuted in 1988, driven by Roy Lane with a Cosworth DFL engine. It took a couple of years to develop the car into the giant-killer it became, but when Martyn Griffiths & Max Harvey installed an F1 Cosworth DFR engine into one it really hit the headlines.

Martyn Griffiths Pilbeam MP58

Martyn Griffiths en route to a Gurston Hill Record in 1990 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)

Griffiths claimed the title (and a stack of records) in 1990 and 1991 in chassis 05, before selling the car to David Grace who won in ’93 & ’94. Meanwhile Roy Lane had a new chassis (08) and won in 1992, prior to installing a Judd EV into another new chassis (09) and claiming the ’96 title. Guernseyman (and future WTCC Champion) Andy Priaulx won the 1995 at a canter with his Gould-developed, DFL-engined MP58-03.

Roy Lane Pilbeam MP58

Roy Lane with the ultimate development of the MP58 at Prescott in 2000