Andy Priaulx

He came, he saw, he conquered. Andy was always going to be a star far beyond the world of hillclimbing.

From a background of motocross and powerboat racing, he exploded onto the British Hillclimb scene with Mallock sport-racers and then Pilbeam single-seaters.

After his first championship round win at Wiscombe in 1994, his family acquired a Pilbeam-DFL MP58 and he dominated the 1995 championship, scoring a maximum 10 run-off victories.

Andy Priaulx Pilbeam MP58

Priaulx charges up Harewood Hillclimb during his championship year (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Andy PriaulxAfter 1995 Andy moved onto circuit racing, testing F1 cars for Williams and BMW, whilst amassing an unrivalled record in touring car racing with 1x European and 3x World Championships. Currently racing in the ILMC for BMW, but no hillclimb fan will forget the sight of him making the MP58 dance in 1995.




Car History

1991 Mallock-Ford Mk16
1992 Mallock-Vauxhall Mk24
1993-1994 Pilbeam-Hart MP57
1995 Pilbeam-DFL MP58

Andy Priaulx, Pilbeam MP57, at Wiscombe Park in 1994