David Grace

The hard charger of the 90s, David won 5 British titles between 1993 and 2000 in Pilbeam and Gould chassis, always using the Cosworth DFR V8 engine.

David was the absolute master of the last run, all or nothing effort. He also started the trend towards carbon fibre chassis cars, after debuting the Gould-Ralt GR37 on the hills he went on to win his final 3 championship titles in this innovative car.

David Grace Pilbeam MP58

David Grace at the top of Castle Straight, Wiscombe Park in the MP58 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Car History

1984-1985 Mallock-Ford Mk14/25
1986-1989 Mallock-Hart Mk27SG
1990-1991 Pilbeam-Hart MP43C
1991-1995 Pilbeam-DFR MP58
1996-2000 Gould-DFR GR37

David Grace Gould Cosworth Prescott Hill Climb

David Grace, Gould DFR GR37, Prescott Hillclimb, 2000