Martyn Griffiths

Last run hero. Martyn Griffiths won 5 British titles between the late 1970s and early 1990s, always using Pilbeam chassis.

His approach was to watch what the others did on their first run (in the days before the twin runoff system used since 1999) and then charge on his second. 65 runoff wins and those 5 titles proved this method’s worth.


Martyn Griffiths Pilbeam MP40

Martin Griffiths claimed his first title in 1979 with Pilbeam MP40 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Car History

1983-1989 Pilbeam-Hart MP53
1990-1991 Pilbeam-DFR MP58


Martyn Griffiths Pilbeam MP58

Final two titles were secured with mighty Pilbeam-DFR MP58 (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)