Roy Lane

Roy was the archetypal hillclimber, and a permanent fixture in the British Championship paddock from the early sixties until his unfortunate death in 2009.

He scored 4 British titles as well as 90 run-off victories. Noted for his un-dramatic, smooth driving style, he always let the car do the work and was the man the other drivers would watch for their inspiration.

Roy Lane McRae GM1

Lane won two titles in the 1970s with this McRae GM1 F5000 car (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Car History

1967 Cooper-Ford T56
1968 Brabham-Buick BT14
1969-1970 Tech-craft-Buick
1970 Tech-craft-BRM
1970-1971 McLaren-Chevrolet M10B
1972-1973 McLaren-Chevrolet M14D
1974-1976 McRae-Chevrolet GM1
1977-1978 March-DFV 741
1979 March-DFV 2-4-0
1979 March-DFV 771
1980 March-DFV 79S
1981 March-Hart 802/812
1982-1984 Pilbeam-BMW MP50
1985-1986 Pilbeam-BMW MP53
1987-1994 Pilbeam-DFL MP58
1994-2002 Pilbeam-Judd MP58
2003-2004 Gould-Judd GR55
2004-2009 Porsche 911 Turbo

Roy Lane Pilbeam Judd Prescott Hill Climb

Roy Lane, Pilbeam Judd MP58, Prescott Hill Climb, 2000