Tony Marsh

The elder statesman. Tony won an unprecedented 6 Bitish titles, and achieved this with a hat-trick of wins in the 50s and a hat-trick in the 60s.
He then retired to concentrate of other sports, before being bitten by the bug again in the mid-1980s. After his return to the sport he fell in love with hillclimbing all over again and continued to compete, often with his sons Peter and Simon, until his death in 2009.
Tony Marsh Marsh Special

In action with the Marsh Special at Prescott in the mid-80s (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)

Car History
1962-1965 BRM P48
1965-1967 Marsh Special
1967-1988 Absent from Hillclimbing
1988-1989 Marsh Special
1989-1992 Rovercraft
1994-1995 Toleman-DFL TG280
1995-1997 Roman-DFL VJ
1998-2002 Gould-DFR GR37S
2003-2009 Gould-Opel GR55
Tony Marsh Gould Cosworth Gurston Hill Climb

Tony Marsh, Gould DFR GR37S, Gurston Down Hill Climb, 2001