Action Packed Prescott

The large crowd in Gloucestershire was treating to to a large and varied entry of cars last weekend and there was some very hot competition on the hill at the second Prescott BHC round of the year last weekend.

Prescott Hillclimb

Prescott was in tip-top condition at the weekend


Lots of incidents on the track, one in the paddock and a very large entry combined to make for a very tough couple of days for Rescue Crews, Marshals and commentators.

Despite the hill being very slippery early on Saturday, the surface soon rubbered in and some stunning times were registered over the course of Sunday’s competition runs.

In the all important Top 12 Run Offs for British Hillclimb Championship points, the big-hitters Scott Moran and Trevor Willis left Gloucestershire with honours even as the championship pace-setters took a win and a third each. Scott Moran claimed the opening shoot-out with a time that equalled the outright hill record, whereas Trevor Willis got his own back second time up.

Star of the Day, for the second week running, was young hotshoe Alex Summers who nailed the best combined Run Off result of the year with a pair of second places in the supercharged DJ Firehawk. He didn’t only shine in the Run Offs though, Summers also reduced his own 2-litre class record by just under two whole seconds on his opening class run. This class result also extended Alex’s lead in the Leaders Hillclimb Championship.


Back on top form after a tough season with the GWR Raptor, Jos Goodyear hustled the wee beasty through the twists and turns of the Cotswolds venue, and left with a stonking new class record and a pair of fourth places as he continues to hunt down John Bradburn and Will Hall in the title race.

Scotsman Wallace Menzies has been on a rich vein of form over the past 6 weeks or so, but he had a very tough time at Prescott. The DJ Firestorm and its methanol-burning Cosworth XD engine will always be slightly on the backfoot at such a nadgery track, but his efforts weren’t helped by a diff problem in practice. The DJ crew changed the ramp angles on the diff overnight and the car was better on Sunday. Wallace nailed fifth in the opening shot for points, but slumped to ninth later after a sideways moment.


New Techniques boss Tom New hit his best form of the weekend in the second Run Off with a fifth place finish in the remapped Judd V8 powered Gould GR55. Tom is now up to ninth overall in the title race, but will struggle to improve much from there…

Despite still struggling with a lack of electronics to launch the car and with tyres that are past their best before date, the turbo-charged Gould GR59 of Paul Haimes was second fastest through both speed traps (behind Willis) and demonstrated blinding speed on the high-speed sections. A fifth-placed qually slot for the afternoon Run Off was followed by a bogged start and a twelfth place finish.

Records galore were set in the class runs as the warm, dry conditions helped to give the track some grip. The Lotus Elise of Tony Adams was hustled to a new road-sports record, Adams ran three seconds under the previous mark as he was chased hard by the Mazda MX5 of Welsh Wizard (and former Prescott Run Off winner) Eynon Price. Roy Stanley blasted the Evo VI to a new mark as did Graham Wynn, Rob Stevens (who was disappointed not to match his practice pace), Adam Steel, Jos Goodyear, Alex Summers and Trevor Willis.

The record set by Martlet-Suzuki driver Adam Steel and Trevor Willis’ unlimited class record were by far the most crucial of the day though, these two demoted Simon Fidoe and Scott Moran to second in class, which moved Alex Summers into a more secure Leaders Hillclimb Championship lead.


From Gloucestershire, the BHC circus will move on to Doune in Scotland in a fortnight’s time for the penultimate event of the season.

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