Action Packed Shelsley

The Midland Automobile Club hosted a one day clubby at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday as a precurser to the VSCCs annual visit to the hallowed tarmac of the Teme Valley on Sunday.

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb


It was a great day for the Pilbeam marque as Tim Davies stormed to FTD in his Millington-engined MP88 model, ahead of John Jones in similar chassis (albeit with Cosworth XD Turbo power).

Former Midland Hillclimb Champion Peter Cox was also out for an all to rare blast with his ex. Russ Ward Chevron-Rover B42, Coxy wound up 3rd overall behind the Pilbeams.

The most impressive time of the day however was from those crazy boys & girls on two wheels. Having demolished the Gurston Down record on his 1000cc Aprillia, Ben Wilkins set a storming 30.16s time up the 1000 yards of Shelsley Walsh to leave all of the other competitors breathless behind him. I cannot find any records to confirm this, but that must have been an outright bike record, how long before there’s a sub-30s!?

Whilst the bikers will undoubtedly have been spectacular, they would probably have struggled to match the spectacle put on by Caterham driver Richard Price.

Richard launched his Seven over the bank coming out of Crossing and the car was thrown into a frightning series of rolls. Fortunately Richard was perfectly ok, if a little shaken, but the same cannot be said for the car. As with nearly every run at Shelsley Walsh these days, the excellent work of TheEsses14 captured the moment and displayed it on youtube.


This is going to be a controversial statement, and will probably not be appreciated by some members of the MAC Committee, but maybe it is time for armco to be installed at that point on the hill? There is a record of enormous accidents there, going back to Graham Hickman in the Jordan F1 car in 1994 and beyond. Must someone be seriously injured before this issue is addressed?



  1. Ben Wilkins says:

    Hi James, thanks for the lovely write up. Yes, the 30.16s was under the old outright bike record of 30.29s set by Paul Jeffrey. If anyone ever needs to check bike records they’re collated by the NHCA here:

    It’s a shame there was no top ten, I think it was the kind of day where a 29s run on a bike was possible.

    Glad to see Richard Price walked out of that one. It was certainly a biggie.


  2. Ben Wilkins says:

    And at the bottom of this page is a link to historical motorcycle records at many hills (including those no longer used).


  3. Sandra Tomlin says:

    Your comment may be controversial James, but very pertinent. Quite a few people around at “Crossing” on Sunday were discussing the fact that the bank by being made taller was actually launching cars rather than retaining them in the confines of the track.

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