An Evening With Keith Shephard

Hot on the heels of their brilliant evening With David Gould back in November, Warminster Motor Club will be hosting another motorsport talk in February.

We have received the following from Steve Luscombe & Murray Wakeham:

“This is an advance notice to let you know that our next meeting will be on Tuesday February 21st, at “The George”, Longbridge Deverill as usual.
Warminster’s own engineering historian Keith Shephard will be talking to us about “The remarkable Mr John Alfred Prestwich and his JAP business”.
For those whose memories do not go back that far, JAP engines, based in Tottenham, North London, powered many competition motor-cycles, record breakers, and racing cars during the first 65 years of the twentieth century. Members will probably mainly associate them with 500cc Formula 3, Vee-twin hillclimb cars, and their famous speedway engine.
MAKE a NOTE of the DATE!!”

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