Another Blown DJ

Steve Day & Ash Mason had a troublesome 2011. They started the year with the ferocious Judd KV powered Pilbeam MP97 but having lost faith with the big-banger by mid-season the car was sold to sprinter Mike Musson and the duo returned to their roots by sharing Mason’s former Midland Championship winning Westfield in Class B1.

Pilbeam MP97 Judd V8 Ash Mason
Ash Mason brings the Pilbeam MP97 to the Prescott Startline

Whilst running the Westfield in a few fun outings the guys were on the look out for a new toy to play with in the single-seater classes and rumours were rife as to what they were going to do next (gossip suggested they’d bought everything from Will Hall’s Force to the Groves/Ranson Gould).

To look at what has actually happened though, we need to look back to the summer of 2009.

Having had great success in a Pilbeam MP62/82, Ash & Steve acquired the unique spaceframe DJ Firehawk from the DJ works, the car was fitted with a mildly tuned Suzuki Hayabusa engine. Shortly after acquiring it though they did a deal with Barry Goodyear to part-exchange the car against the Pilbeam that Jos had been using in the British Series that year.

The DJ was unused in 2010 as Jos was working for Drayson Racing in the American Le Mans Series, but the car was refettled for 2011 and Jos has had great success with it.

Now that the Goodyears have acquired a GWR Raptor for 2012, Mason & Day leapt at the chance to buy their old car back.

However, having been used to the mighty grunt of the Judd V8, the 1600cc class may have seemed a little tame so the pairing have decided that a 1400cc Busa with a supercharger installation could be the answer. And for an extra edge, they will be running the car on methanol.

This means that the car will join the carbon-tubbed Firehawk of Alex Summers in a 2-litre class which we expect to feature upto 8 forced-induction Hayabusa powered cars!

If 2011 was the year of the 1600, 2012 could be the year of the 2-litre…

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