Another New Empire

We have heard word that the busiest bunny of all over the Christmas period was Empire Racing Cars boss Bill Chaplin.

Despite flood water getting ever closer to the workshop doors of his Somerset facility, Bill found time to continue progress on the production of his new for 2013 Empire and also to sell another of the 1100cc carbon-tubbed chassis.

Midlands 1100cc regulars Clive Austin and Chris Aspinall will share the car, which like Phil Cooke’s version will be powered by a Suzuki GSXR engine, although a very mildly tuned version initially.

When speaking about the project Austin said “this is going to be a brilliant bit of kit, and it will be great to be able to develop the car, working with Bill over the next couple of seasons”

Clive’s self-developed ‘high-nose’ OMS 2000M has now been sold to former Westfield driver Derek Sweeney, whereas Chris’ giant-killing Jedi MkIV is still for sale on the ever excellent uphillracers.

We have no doubt that ‘Team CA’ will fly in the car, and with double the feedback that two cars gives you, Bill should be able to get the new car on the pace even more quickly than usual.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    That IS good news; on both fronts, Bill has another customer(s), and, he has escaped the hazard of trench foot so prevalent this year on the Somerset Levels, a truly wretched winter for so many people in the area. Thanks again Ed. for another scoop!

  2. says:

    Going to be an interesting challenge ! oh, and Derek was the one who initially convinced me to jointly buy the Jedi !

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