Another Reworked Pilbeam

Hot on the heals of Ed Hollier’s 1600cc Hayabusa-powered Pilbeam MP62 which debuted earlier this year, rumour has it that there is a fourth motorcycle-engined Pilbeam single-seater in build in the Westcountry.

Ed Hollier Pilbeam MP62

Ed Hollier in his 1600cc MP62 at Wiscombe


Peter Arscott was the first to try a transverse engine in one of Mike Pilbeam’s bespoke hillclimb chassis when he installed a 1300cc Hayabusa into his ex. Rob Turnbull Mp50 chassis for use in Cornish events. Hollier was next with his ex. John Whyte MP62 and will be followed by former Westfield drivers Rob & Peter Ede who are working on a blown ‘busa installation for their ex. works MP82.

But the latest Bourne-built car rework will be the first to be based on one of the most recent Pilbeam chassis, the carbon-tubbed MP88.

Cornish motorsport legend Mike Tregoning is installing a forced-induction 1400cc Hayabusa into his ex. Tom New Mp88 for the 2013 season. Despite the rework, Mike will remain in the very popular 2-litre Racing Car Class.

Despite, or perhaps because of(!), his experience with turbo engines when rallying a Group A Escort Cosworth back in the nineties, Tregoning has opted for the more common (but potentially less powerful) supercharged option rather than a turbo.

Whilst it will be great to see how this new development goes on the Midland hills next year, the loss of the wonderful V6 howl of Mike’s current Rover KV6 power plant will be a big disappointment for spectators.

And just so that we don’t forget what it sounded like, here are a selection of clips of Mike in the car over the past couple of seasons….





Have fun building it Mike, we can’t wait to see it out on the hills!


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