Apology and Plug from Miss Admin

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks I’ve not been doing very much on the website. The results haven’t been updated, Dave Warburton and Alex Summers have been sat on the homepage for far too long, and no-one’s been udpating you with which hillclimbs are on this weekend (ahum, are you sure!? – Ed).


Apart from all that I haven’t even made it to any hillclimbs – the suntan is still very pale (hoping to fix that at Jersey and Gurston next week).┬áThe only excuse I have to offer is that I’ve been very busy writing a book, and you’ll all be glad(?) to know that it will be finished this weekend, leaving me free to get back to updating the website.

A book?

Yup! A whole book – 14 whole chapters. It’s not going to be quite the paddock-pageturner that 50 Shades of Grey seems to be becoming (I reckon there’s a copy of that in at least half of all hillclimb trailers), but if you’re interested in eCommerce then it’s well worth reading.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on the full book until September, but as of yesterday the mini-ebook preview is available to buy on both Amazon and itunes:

eCommerce MasterPlan an Introduction to Selling Online

Click these links to buy today:

The book is all about how to build a successful eCommerce business, and the mini-ebook focuses on getting the structure right. What’s your USP? Which of the 7 eCommerce Business Structures does your business fit into? And once you know all of that – what sort of marketing should you be doing? So a very useful introduction to the topic.

PLUS, it’s a no-risk purchase – at the back of the ebook is details of you can get the price of the ebook back when you buy the full book.

If you’ve got questions – please put them below, or grab me at a hillclimb!

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