Aussie Rules!

Cornish resident Geoff Twemlow is one of the most travelled competitors in British Hillclimbing, he thinks nothing of towing the 1200 mile round-trip from his home near Penzance to Doune (his favourite venue) for a clubby event.

Last weekend he was a little closer to home, and taking in the club events at Gurston Down. However, this time Geoff wasn’t driving his familiar Subaru Impreza, he was shaking down his new hillclimb contender.

Rumours have been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks that Geoff would soon be seen in a big Sports Libre car rather than the tin tops which he driven in his career so far.

It turns out that Geoff has introduced a new marque to the world of Speed Hillclimbing.

He has acquired a Saker Sports Car. The Saker is an Australian built sports racer which passes more than a passing resemblance to a late 80s Group C car. In fact the Saker car came to be after an Australian enthusiast dreamt of owning a Porsche 962 but couldn’t afford one, so he built a car in the spirit of the long distance classic.

The Saker features a steel tube spaceframe chassis, with fibreglass body work and a very offset driving position.

Geoff Twemlow Saker Subaru

Twemlow getting comfy in the office of the Saker


Geoff’s car has a fairly standard spec Impreza turbo, flat four engine producing 275bhp (at the moment!) and rear wheel drive.

The car feels somewhat sluggish, compared to Geoff’s very modified 4×4 Impreza, with the modest power output and the 800kgs that the car weighs, but there is plenty more to come.


It may not be the car of choice for some of the twistier hills but it is a lovely bit of kit, brings even more variety to the fantastic big Sport Libre class and will put a big smile on Geoff’s face once it is sorted.

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