Autosport Show…. DJ Goss!

Derbyshire-based hillclimb manufacturer DJ had a slightly low-key 2012 after the dizzy heights they hit in 2011.

DJ Racecars DJ Firestorm

Team DJ. Del, Andy & the boys pose with the new Firestorm chassis at Shelsley in August


Although it was a very successful year, with lead driver Wallace Menzies securing a Run Off win at National level, and 2-litre star Alex Summers demolishing records virtually everywhere he went with the Firehawk, expectations had been very high.

Engine work for Summers and a new tub for Menzies mid-season saw results pick up at the end of the year, but Del Quigley and his team will be looking for more this year.

We understand that work on Menzies’ car will focus around weight reduction, particularly in the big Lola Champ Car gearbox hanging out the back of the Firestorm.

Further to this it is expected that a fleet of Firehawks will be returning to the hills courtesy of the Marsh family.

Simon & Peter Marsh, sons of 6-time BHC winner the late Tony Marsh, are having their 2-litre class Firehawks prepared for the new season. Simon owns the ex. Menzies/Fleetwood supercharged car, whereas his brother Peter acquired the turbo-charged version from sprinter Nick Algar a couple of years ago.

Completing a trio of these lovely little carbon-tubbed cars is Simon & Peter’s cousin Richard Hollingworth who know owns the 1600cc, normally aspirated chassis formerly owned by Midlander Nigel Morris.

A lot of work is going on getting these cars into tip-top condition, and it’ll be fantastic to see the three of them back out on the hills in 2013.


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