Autosport Show… Plans for Summers!

There was lots of talk at the show about the ever growing fleet of cars now owned by the Summers family and who is likely to drive them.

Alex Summers DJ Firehawk

Alex Summers in the supercharged Firehawk at Loton Park (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


As well as the familiar ex. Tomlin/Jenkins OMS CF97, Alex’s DJ Firehawk and the beautiful F5000 Lola seen at Shelsley in 2012, the family have also acquired the giant-killing Force-Suzuki PT from Gary Thomas over the winter.

We understand that Richard and Lindsay will share the Force, with Alex as usual in the DJ.

The surprise though, is that Alex’s elder brother Felix has decided that he is missing out and will be having a play in the OMS during the 2013 season.

He will initially share the car with former OMS 2000M driver Clive Austin in order to help Felix get up to speed in the single-seater, and so that Clive can keep his hand in while he waits for his new Empire chassis to be finished for mid-season.

It will be great to see the full Summers clan out on the hills together in 2013!


  1. Andy Barton says:

    - – - and to think that this is supposed to be the quiet off season, what will it be like when it all hots up? Asbestos gloves all round chaps? Well Scoopered James. Was the Amy/Morgan OMS in any other interim ownership? I remember recognising it at Loton from its wonderful tea strainer trumpet-gauzes, [ Most of the "Amy Stars" had gone] but I do not think the driver/owner I spoke to was one of the Summers family, not that I would claim to know all of them.

    • Lindsay Summers says:

      We bought it directly from Morgan and Amy 4 years ago and changed the engine last year so it was either one of us or an imposter! The final star went when the car was painted 2 years ago!

      • Andy Barton says:

        Thanks for putting me in the picture, and for the news of the stars. I’m sorry for unwittingly suggesting it might have been driven by an impostor!

  2. Pistonbroke says:

    Do I remember Felix’s having a drive at Loton Park in 2012?

    • Lindsay Summers says:

      Felix did the Members’ weekend at Loton 3 years ago and one event at Curborough in our Van Diemen Formula Ford but nothing since!

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