Autosport Show…. WHispers!

We had a quick chat with Force WH driver Will Hall at the show on Friday morning and he gave us some goss on the winter developments for 2012s most successful brand new car.

Will Hall Force WH


Will had a very consistent first season in the big class finishing 7th overall in the series, scoring points in nearly every Run Off. In dry conditions however, he never really looked like challenging for overall honours.

The pace of the car was very good in wet conditions though, which was proved by his convincing win in the final round of the year at Loton Park.

The car has been in the MIRA windtunnel in recent weeks and as a result of the findings the car will feature a very different aero package for 2013.

Expect to see sidepods, a bigger floor and possibly an engine cover for the V6 engined beasty.

With Ian Dayson’s engineering and Will’s driving talent, this combo will be on the pace soon…


  1. Andy Barton says:

    That’s good news. It certainly felt that there should have more to come during Will’s first season with WH.

  2. Pistonbroke says:

    Will’s car seemed to have a lot of friction/rolling resistance last year. When the big boys were rolling back to the paddock at Loton Park events, more often than not it wouldn’t maintain momentum to get over the rise from Triangle to paddock and needed pushing. It must be wasting a few gee-gees up the hill. I’m sure he’s well aware, let’s hope he can make it more free-running for 2013.

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