Bank Holiday Thrills

Whilst the British Hillclimb Chanmpionship runners were recovering from Gurston Down over the Bank Holiday weekend, the guys & girls on the Channel Island of Guernsey were charging up and down Le Val des Terres hillclimb.

Zef Eisenberg

Zef Eisenberg over the finish at the Terres, see… He really is mad!! (thanks to Andrew Le Poidevin/


As always for events on the Island, our old mate ‘The Voice’ was keeping his eye on events, and he has kindly put together his usual entertaining report.

Monday 26th May, 2014 saw the first hillclimb of the year for the Guernsey Kart and Motor Club and the day started mildly moist and ended up rather slippery.

The overnight rain caused many entrants to withdraw most notably the entire Non-transaxle sand racing class with the exception of Peter “Jukebox” Jory and many others considered whether or not it was worth coming to play having already had 2 dry events with the other club so far this year.

In most cases common sense prevailed and it was the likes of Zef Eisenberg, amongst others who emerged from the day very satisfied. Having only last weekend set a new official ACU British Land Speed Record for Turbine wheel powered motorcyles at Elvington on his Guernsey built Jet bike with a speed of 214.3 MPH at the mile he turned up after a 3 minute journey from his home on the other side of the Terres on his Quad. Now Zef has definitely proven he is as mad as a box of frogs already but on Monday he again went one step further lowering his own record twice during the afternoon on a drying surface that suited his style perfectly finishing with a fine time of 36.99 seconds. He even commented later that the day was exceptional for him, with 6 timed runs and time to have an ice-cream before the day played itself out.

Zef Eisenberg

Zef’s Record breaking bike for more information follow Madmax Race Team on Facebook.


In the Sand Racing production saloons it was a battle of the brothers Grim (A.K.A Craig and Karl Robert) who were sharing Craig’s little Honda that has appeared on the beach earlier this season and thrashed me. Craig set the early pace lowering the record that belonged to Shaun Leigh in the class and next time up brother Karl snatched it back off him. This exchange continued for a while until Craig stuck in a time nearly a second faster than Karl’s previous run, a time of 37.81 and it was this time that was to remain the record at the end of the day, Karl comprehensively destroying his brothers gearbox trying to get the car off the line on the next run. The way these two were driving on the day I am sure we would have seen a few more exchanges with the class record. I do feel sorry for Shaun Leigh though, not only did his class record get broken on the day but Mick “BIFF” Bichard also engineered something else of Shaun’s to be broken…he let me sit in Shaun’s chair for my stint on commentary and it didn’t cope very well!!!

Tim Le Pelley may not have set BTD but, in the opinion of the Wags in the pits he certainly had RTD (Rear of The Day). The immaculately prepared Maguire Imp of his also did him proud setting a stonking new record in the Sports Libre G class of 33.52….something we are getting used to with Tim this year.

Battles were fought during the day in most classes but undoubtedly the one that produced the most excitement was the Road Going Series Production Car Class over 1601 cc.

Throughout the whole day positions and records were exchanged between John “The Bunman” Dunne and Brent Meerveld with Matt Roger joining in the battle for supremacy. I overheard Matt tease Brent that rain was on the way early afternoon and he might have to settle for his 3rd position at that time and that seemed to change everything. Next time up he took the lead, the following time the record then the Bunman took it back and then Brent took it back yet again ending the day with a 34.25 in his superbly prepared Nissan (and no, this ain’t no Micra!!). Had the Bunman kept the record this would have made it 18 current records on his list in the Channel Islands, a remarkable achievement indeed. I am sure John will find a way of increasing his haul later this year, we’ll just have to watch this space. What a great class to watch though and these three aren’t the only drivers to keep our eyes on this year as young James Roussel is making good progress with his Evo after only two events…he’ll be amongst the top guys soon, I’m pretty sure of that.

Jon Dunne Mitsubishi Evo

The Bunman in his Evo V… Check the gap between front right and road at Terres House!


Brent Meerveld Nissan GTR

Brent Meerveld in his Nissan…. See, told you it ain’t no Micra!!


It was Nick Saunders who emerged at the end of the day with BTD ahead of Paul “Sooty” Priaulx. These two were the only drivers to go sub 30 seconds during the day and Nick, with new wider front tracking on his car for this event, managed to keep ahead for the whole day, feeling much happier with the handling of the car.

Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders…. So quick I nearly missed him!!


So there you have it another good day at the races in the fairer Isle…oh I almost forgot, the slippery end to the day was caused by our very own top commentator “Whispering” John Robert. A slight mechanical mishap of not tightening the oil filter on his Westfield properly lead to him having a spectacular spin and bump in the essess, completely out of control with all that oil over his tyres and the road and of all places to do it bless him, it was right opposite me!!. Now I won’t go on about it much as I don’t like to think anyone would be offended or upset but needless to say the event had to be bought to a close as it would not have been safe to continue. The club had put on a superb day with, as I said, 6 timed runs for everyone after a practise set of runs, so no one would complain about John’s mishap I am sure. I hope the car is back together again and ready for the Jersey Classic next month, an event I know John has been looking forward to all year.

Sounds like some more cracking competition over there Voice, we cannot wait to get over there in July and see it for ourselves!

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