Barbon Manor – 2nd Top 12 Run Off

As a bit of a one-off special, here is the footage that we shot of the 2nd Run Off at Barbon Manor last weekend:


12/ Richard Spedding (1.6L Force-Suzuki PC) - 22.29s


11/ David Uren (1.6L Force-Suzuki PC) – 22.14s


10/ Jos Goodyear (1.6L GWR Raptor-Suzuki) - 21.81s


9/ Alastair Crawford (2.8L Gould-NME GR55C) - 21.79s


8/ Will Hall (3.5L Force-Nissan WH) - 21.75s


7/ Tom New (4.0L Gould-Judd GR55) - 21.68s


6/ John Bradburn (3.5L Gould-Judd GR55) - 21.58s


5/ Wallace Menzies (3.2L DJ Firestorm-Cosworth) - 21.57s


4/ Lee Adams (1.6L GWR Raptor-Suzuki) - 21.17s


3/ Roger Moran (3.5L Gould-NME GR61X) - 21.07s


2/ Trevor Willis (3.2L OMS-Powertec 25)- 20.65s


1/ Scott Moran (3.5L Gould-NME GR61X) – 20.51s


Hope you enjoyed that blast through the runners, don’t forget to check out our youtube page to see all the clips that we shoot at events!

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