Beautiful Bouley

Where do the British Hillclimb Championship contenders go on their holidays? Well, they go to the Channel Islands in July usually!

Bouley Bay Hillclimb

The views from the top of Bouley Bay are second to none in the BHC


Today is one of the most eagerly anticipated British Championship events of the year, on the Crown Dependency of Jersey. Bouley Bay hillclimb is one of the oldest in the title race having been a scoring round in the first ever British Hillclimb Championship back in 1948.

The Bouley Bay hill is a wonderful place to watch motorsport, with undiscovered and interesting vantage points all over the place and access to virtually the entire hill being possible. The fact that it is by the sea, with a lovely beach and even a pub in the paddock only helps to make the carnival atmosphere that always accompanies events there.

As we write this the cars are already on the hill, taking their practice runs and becoming re-acquainted with the tricky, twisting, tree-lined course.

Last year saw an epic day-long battle between the very different cars of Trevor Willis (OMS-Powertec 25) and Jos Goodyear (GWR Raptor-Suzuki). The duo left with a win apiece, but the seasonal momentum was starting to swing towards Willis and away from his championship rival Scott Moran.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

Jos Goodyear prepares to launch the GWR Raptor in the second Run Off


If you need a reminder of last year’s event at Bouley, then check out our meeting report from this time last year. Also, if you have never been to the events in the Channel Islands, then have a look at the article Mr Editor put together after his first visit to the Jersey & Guernsey weekend back in 2009.

Bouley Bay Hillclimb

The unique Bouley Bay paddock


We will bring you as much news, results and updates as we can during the day today, both here on the main site and on the twitter feed!

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