BHC Preview – Part 2

Rich Danby, photographer extraordinaire:

1/ What will be the BHC top 3 ?

Scott Moran
Trevor Willis
Roger Moran

(but Chris Merrick, Tom New & Wallace Menzies will be on the podium at individual rounds)

2/ Who will win the Leaders Championship ?

I don’t really follow the Leaders that closely but, as Will Hall has moved on, I’ll take a stab at Eynon Price, but Lee Adams may take too many points off of Eynon when he appears.

3/ Which, if any, hill record will fall ?

Barbon Manor. Wallace Menzies was only 0.7s off of the record last year and it was his first visit to the hill !

4/ Who, if anyone, will win a round for the first time ?

I will be surprised if Chris Merrick doesn’t get his first solo win this year or if Tom New doesn’t get a win without ‘in changable conditions’ after it. But for an absolute first time winner, I think it has to be Wallace Menzies…. And it’s just a coincidence that all three of these have stickers on their cars !

5/ What will be the surprise of the year ?

It’s not much of a surprise, but I expect to see the Scots be entertaining on the track, and in the evenings !

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who is putting their reputation on the line next !

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