BHC Preview – Part 3

Nick Kemp,¬†hillclimb fanatic and ‘Danger Mouth’:

1/ What will be the BHC top 3 ?

1st Scott Moran
2nd Trevor Willis
3rd either Roger Moran or Chris Merrick

2/ Who will win the Leaders Championship ?

Lee Adams or Donald McAskill

3/ Which, if any, hill record will fall ?

I don’t think any will fall

4/ Who, if anyone, will win a round for the first time ?

Chris Merrick, outright instead of a shared win

5/ What will be the surprise of the year ?

Lee Adams will do very well, and if the car goes well then he get number 10 for next year.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who is putting their reputation on the line next !

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