BHC Preview – Part 4

Eddie Walder, Autosport & Motorsport News Correspondent:

1/ What will be the BHC top 3 ?

1st Scott Moran

2nd Trevor Willis

3rd Roger Moran

2/ Who will win the Leaders Championship ?

I reckon that Eynon must be in contention and from the unlimited class Scott Moran and Scary Trevor usually do well. However, my outside chance is wee hairy Les Mutch who is planning on doing a lot more travelling in 2011 with the GWR V6 Dax.

3/ Which, if any, hill record will fall ?

I think hill records might be in short supply this season. If anywhere I think that Harewood might go as it suits Scotts driving style.

4/ Who, if anyone, will win a round for the first time ?

First time winner could well be Wallace subject to the bigger engine and the new aero package working. Not a first-timer but I would hope Tom New can get one. However, the car is really not as competitive as the NME powered Goulds.

5/ What will be the surprise of the year ?

Me eating less for a start, but I will be interested to see how Nicola Menzies will get on sharing David Uren’s Force. He may have to work very hard to keep ahead of a very fast lady. But based on Monday’s showing at Loton Park I think we should keep an eye on Alex Summers in the ex-Gregory DJ. As to the Gould GR59, we are all still waiting…

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow and see who is putting their reputation on the line next !

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