BHC Preview – Part 5

Martin Groves, 4-time British Championship and 103-time Run-off Winner:

1/ What will be the BHC top 3 ?




In no particular order.

2/ Who will win the Leaders Championship ?

Tough one, doing well in the Leaders depends entirely on the number of entries in each class, you can break records everywhere but if you’re in class on your own then you’ll only get half points. So, on the basis that it is one of the best supported classes, I think that the winner will be from the 1600cc class and I think that Eynon Price will be amongst the quickest.

3/ Which, if any, hill record will fall ?

Another tricky one, because all of the hill records are really tough these days. The one most likely though, if they have repaired the surface problems from the last couple of years, will be Barbon Manor.

4/ Who, if anyone, will win a round for the first time ?

Well, most of the top guys have already won a round !  So, from those who haven’t then, Wallace has to be the man in dry weather. Although, if conditions are tricky, then Lee Adams in the Raptor could be right up there.

5/ What will be the surprise of the year ?

I think that the pace of the 1600cc runners, particularly Eynon & Lee will surprise everyone at times, even the guys with the V8s. And they may just do it in the dry, not just in the wet.

Well, that wraps up our 2011 British Hillclimb Championship preview. Check back regularly for updates during the year !

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