BHC Season Review Part 5 – Jos Goodyear

Our season review for the 2013 British Hillclimb Championship continues today with a look at the driver who was one of the big stars of the 2012 series, and who was hoping for big things in 2013….

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

The GWR Raptor crew on Jersey in 2012.


In part 5 of our BHC Season Review we look at the top-scoring driver who didn’t complete a full season. Due to reliability issues and a shunt the beautiful GWR Raptor missed a few events at the start of the season, but Jos Goodyear and the Raptor were soon back on the pace.

8th – Jos Goodyear (101 points)

Well, where do we start with this one? Having been one of the sensations of the 2012 season, the Goodyear/GWR team had a mostly torrid year with the jewel-like GWR Raptor. Winter mods for 2013 included a whole host of electronic tricky being added to the beautifully balanced little 1600cc car. Traction control, launch control and a flappy-paddle gearbox were all added to the car for this year, and the engine was converted to methanol fuel which added a stack of power and torque thanks to mapping from DTA Fast.

Sadly for the team, early season events were interrupted by electrical gremlins, which lead to the team withdrawing the car from competition for the month of May whilst the issues were traced (later discovered to be issues with the wiring loom). Jos returned to the hills at Shelsley in May, but unfortunately he pushed too hard too early and suffered a huge shunt in first practice which substantially damage the car. Despite paddock rumours that we had seen the last of the car, Graeme Wight Jnr burnt some serious midnight oil and got the car back together in time for Harewood in July, and then the teams season really began.

Jos Goodyear GWR Raptor

The Raptor wore unpainted bodywork following Shelsley shunt


The car and driver were straight back on the pace as well, and a podium finish (behind the championship top 2) first time out showed that the repairs were a complete success. Another podium on Jersey was followed by a stunning Outright Hill Record on Guernsey as Jos scored what would be his only win of the year. The remainder of the year was filled with highs and lows from Jos’ cracking class record at Prescott to the gearbox failure in first practice which out him out of the event at Craigantlet. Eighth place was a very reasonable reward for half a seasons competition though.

This team is the subject of a lot of chatter at present. It is clear that big changes are underway for the wee-beasty for 2014. The word on the street is that Jos will be stepping up to the 2-litre class for the new season, with a Mark Fisher built supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa built to a similar spec to the Summers engine. In will be fascinating to see how this development affects the car. The engine should put out around 150bhp more than it has previously, and could have a profound effect on the cars beautifully balanced handling. With the talented Wight Jnr on the spanners and the committed Goodyear behind the wheel, if any crew can make it work, then it’ll be this one!



  1. Andy Barton says:

    Possible changes following on from Raptor moving to 2 Litre class, if it does!
    1. Centre of Mass slightly rearward?
    2. Heavier Rubber?
    3. Need for greater downforce at rear, so also at front: More Drag?
    4. Greater need for cooling?
    5. Less diffuser downforce because of blower location / raised Centre of Mass?
    6. Heavier Brakes?

    The car was said to have 275 Bhp running on methanol in 2013. The Mark Fisher engine was widely claimed to give 450 Bhp. If these numbers are correct, then Jos would have over 60% more power at his disposal. In 2013 Jos plus car weighed around 345 Kg. Were that to increase to, say 375 Kg. then He would have around 1200Bhp per tonne at his disposal; much the same as a car and driver combination weighing 550Kg being pushed uphill by say, 660Bhp.
    Blimey, Watch this Space

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