Big OMS to get Smaller!

During a chat at the recent Autosport International Show at the Birmingham NEC, we were pleased to hear that hillclimb veteran Bob Penrose has finally sold his OMS-Cosworth having had it for sale for a couple of years.

Bob Penrose OMS CF07

Bob Penrose at Gurston Down with the DFL-engined OMS (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


The car was built new in 2007 and with the ex. Le Mans 4-litre Cosworth DFL powerplant in the back it was the largest engined OMS chassis ever built. Indeed, as well as it’s Endurance Racing exploits, the motor also has an illustrious history in British Speed Events as it was used by former British Sprint Champion the late Nigel Bigwood, before being used by 6-times British Hillclimb Champion Tony Marsh.

As expected, the DFL lump will now be housed in a historic sports racer chassis, but the OMS chassis should have an interesting future ahead of it….

The OMS CF07 carbon tub was built for Penrose as a sister car to Trevor Willis’ CF06 V8 with which Scary Trev claimed his own and OMS’ first ever BHC Run Off win in 2007. The tub has been acquired by Newbury-based farmer George Brown for an interesting new motorcycle engined project.

George, who previously ran at the top of the Midland Hillclimb 1100cc class with the ex. Mark Budget/Jane Farthing Force PT which is now run by Rob Capper, has been on the look out for a new chassis and project for a few months now.


We understand that the plan is to fit a motorcycle engine to the car, which will run with chain drive for the first time in its existance. The question is whether George will go for an engine which will put him in the 1600cc class, the 2000cc class with the masses, or whether he’ll try something a bit different.

Project seems to be the operative word with this build as George will be crafting his own rear suspension as well as the engine and diff installation. George told us “it’s a fun project, I am building the rear end of the car myself so I hope it is strong enough!”.

We are certain that George will have a lot of fun both building and then running this interesting project, can’t wait to see it hit the hills!

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