Bike-Engines Clean Up

The pair of clubby events at Loton Park at the weekend produced some results which were somewhat against the formbook.

Most observers would have expected the V6 engined Pilbeam MP88s of Mike Tregoning and George Bleasdale or the TKD V8 OMS of Tim Elmer to lead the way, however things didn’t go according to plan for the big-hitters…

Loton Park Hillclimb


On Saturday Elmer and Tregoning were close to the pace, but they couldn’t get near the ‘budget’ OMS 2000Ms of Paul Jarrett and John Stockley. Former bike hillclimber Jarrett just pinched FTD though.

The Sunday event saw another surprise as 1100cc Jedi driver Paul Masters charged through to lead the field as re-runs at the end of the day caused Tregoning and Bleasdale to stumble when it mattered most.


  1. Andy kittle says:

    Was the Oms a 1600 full blown job

  2. Glyn Poole says:

    No it is a bog standard 1300cc engine!

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