Blast From The Past 1

Last weekend’s Woolbridge Hillclimb at Wiscombe Park saw a return to competition for a car which should be familiar to anyone with a passing interest in South West hillclimbing in the 80s & 90s.

Lotus Elan S4 at Shelsley Walsh in 2003

After suffering from an engine blow-up and cracked cylinder block at the Wildlife Autosport Wiscombe event on May 15 on their current lightweight Lotus Elan S4, Newton Abbot drivers Jo & Roger Hodgson rummaged around in the garage and turned up for the May 21/22 events with the Lotus Elan S3 that Jo ran on the hills from 1987 until 2000.

Still in it’s yellow & blue ‘Camel Lotus’ colour-scheme, the car has been rebuilt as a roadcar with a mild 1700cc Twin Cam and a synchromesh gearbox since it’s competition days ended and is now used for the occasional jaunt to events such as Classic Le Mans.

Although the car suffered a little from the excesses of competing again with the odd water leak and clutch problem, it was great to see the Elan being used again. And don’t worry if you couldn’t be at Wiscombe to see it at the weekend, Jo & Roger will be using the car again this coming weekend at the Crystal Palace Sprint in London.

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