Bob’s 911 is Back!

Another car to make a welcome return to the hills at Gurston Down’s opening meeting of the year, was a 911 which should be familiar to anyone who follows South West hillclimbing.

Bob Mortimer Porsche 911

Bob Mortimer wheeled out his trusty 911 for a run at Gurston


Yeovil baker Bob Mortimer has campaigned 911s on the hills for years, but none of his cars has been as quick or (in our opinion) better looking than his RSR-style replica.

The car was used regularly on the hills and sprints of the South West up until 2006, when Bob decided that as the car was becoming rarer and rarer he would switch over to his 911 RS.

Bob Mortimer Porsche 911

Mortimer and the 911 together at Wiscombe Park in April 2004


The RS has a 2.7 litre Flat 6, whereas the RSR has a full house 3.5 litre version, and despite seriously hustling the RS around Bob really missed the grunt of the big car. Following a lengthy bodyshell restoration by Autofarm Porsche at Weston on the Green, Bob decided that it was time for a play once again.

Bob was loving being back in the big beasty again, and was especially enjoying being a full 20mph faster into Hollow Bend than he could manage with the 2.7 car!

We spoke to Bob just before his final run on Sunday and he was very satisfied with his weekend up until that point, but made the point that the car was yet to have its 2006-spec suspension settings dialled in. In true 911-syle the car has 40lb of lead buried in the front of the car to aid turn in though!


Bob felt that the car could possibly achieve 34 second runs at Gurston if he could get Ashes Bend right… He obviously got it spot-on on Sunday afternoon as he charged over the line at 98mph and recorded a 34.93s run to be within 0.5s of class winner Graham Beale’s Ginetta Turbo.

It is fantastic to see the car back on form Bob!

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