Bouley Bay – 2nd Run Off Result

Reigning British Champion Trevor Willis has claimed victory in the 2nd Top 12 Run Off of the day at Bouley Bay. He narrowly missed re-setting Wallace Menzies’ 3 hour old Outright Hill Record, but still claimed an extra championship point for being under the target at the start of the day. The result of the Run Off is as follows:
1/ Trevor Willis – OMS 28 – 37.62s
2/ Scott Moran – Gould GR61X – 38.10s
3/ Jos Goodyear – GWR Raptor – 38.11s
4/ Alex Summers – DJ Firehawk – 38.69s
5/ Roger Moran – Gould GR61X – 39.03s
6/ Will Hall – Force WH – 39.47s
7/ John Bradburn – Gould GR55 – 39.50s
8/ Tom New – Gould GR55 – 39.66s
9/ Dave uren – Force PC – 39.69s
10/ Richard Spedding – Force PC – 39.98s
11/ Steve Day – GWR Raptor – 40.96s
12/Darren Warwick – Dallara F301 – 94.27s
Results are unofficial.

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  1. David Hunter says:

    Hi James, what happened to my friend Darren with a 94. 27, not like him to have an off.
    Best Regards,

    • James says:

      Hi David, not too sure what happened to Darren, I can only assume a three-point turn at one of the hairpins…

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