British Hillclimb Championship Preview – Miss Admin…

This year James has asked me to write my own Preview for the coming season… as someone who’s only known Hillclimbing existed for 4 years I’m feeling a fair amount of pressure! But please do add comments below…

1. What will be the BHC top 3?

I’ve very envious of those who wrote previews for the 2011 season – 2012 is so full of unknowns! New car/driver combinations, exciting new engines, a rampant 1600 class, several totally new cars – it’s going to be a fascinating year at the top.

It would take a brave man to bet against Scott Moran being in there though, and I think Wallace Menzies should be able to get into the top 3 this year too. So my third choice I’m going to say Will Hall, a great season last year and now he’s stepping up to the big class.

2. Who will win the Leaders?

Not the most exciting prediction but I think it will Scott Moran winning the Leaders again this year. Last year’s 2 and 3 (Lee Adams and David Uren) are both going to be in the 1600 class, as is Jos Goodyear – so it’s going to be a real battle for points there, while there are fewer contenders in the big class.

And I think David Warburton will hold onto the Under 30s Leader Trophy.

3. Which hill record will fall?

Wiscombe. For 3 reasons:

  • It now has new tarmac
  • The current record has stood since 2004
  • Several south-west specialists have stepped up to faster cars in the last 12 months

4. Who, if anyone, will win a round for the first time?

Will Hall.

5. What will be the surprise of the year?

When the 2013 BHC calendar is announced there is a reduction in the number of rounds. It seems to be what most participants want, so it would be great to see that happen.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Hi Chloe,
    Your amazing prescience about at least one downside happening has already been proven this season, so who can say that your foresight about the upsides should not be given serious thought?
    Once again, my thanks to you and to James for your sustained effort in running your wonderful website with such a diversity of topics.

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