British Hillclimb Dinner 2013

On Saturday night the much-anticipated British Hillclimb Dinner was held at its new for 2013 venue at Telford.

The event was a great success, with over 160 people attending the black tie dinner organised by the British Hillclimb Championship organisers Tim & Jackie Wilson, under the unbrella of the BARC.

Tim Wilson Mc’d the event brilliantly and the awards were presented by representatives of the BARC and the Championship sponsors.

The Nicholson McLaren Trophy for Outstanding Performance goes to the first man to win the BHC in 10 years without one of the award sponsors products bolted behind them, Trevor Willis for his title-winning exploits.

As ever, one of the most hotly contested awards was the Norrie Galbraith Shield for the best BHC event of the year. The winner of the award, for the second year in a row was the BARC SW Centre for the events at Gurston Down. Can Doug & the crew make it three on the trot in 2013?

And finally we are delighted to say that our very own Mr Editor received the Moran Motorhomes Shield for Services to the Sport for this very website! Thanks very much to all of the Morans for this award, it is a priviledge to be its custodian for 12 months.

James Wills Deb Moran

Deb Moran presented Mr Editor with the Moran Motorhomes Shield


The bars at the hotel were open until long after 4am, which seemed to be of great use to the Scottish contingent, and a thoroughly good night was had by all.

What a brilliant way for Tim, Jackie & BARCs first year in the saddle to come to an end!

Wallace Menzies Scott Moran Tom New

It’s all about the napkins!



  1. Andy Barton says:

    Congratulations Mr. Editor. Richly Deserved, but it is really pleasing that your efforts have received such recognition so soon. You have set a very high standard, which can only help bring British Hillclimbing a bigger following. Happy New Year, and 2013 Season too.

  2. Graeme Wight says:

    i and many other think that you have done an amazing thing with this site and deserve that award. well done you, now get a pic of it on top of your page….

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