BRMs at Shelsley

Shelsley Walsh’s British Hillclimb Championship round last weekend also hosted a celebration of Grand Prix marque BRM. The Bourne, Lincolnshire based marque was founded in 1945 and competed in Grand Prix racing between 1950 and 1977.

Techcraft-BRM Roy Lane


The celebration at Shelsley was to commemorate 50 years since Graham Hill claimed BRM’s only F1 World Championship.

A gorgeous BRM P261 ran on the hill during Saturday’s practice and several cars from the early days of BRM were on display in a marquee at the top of the public car park over the weekend.

The highlight for many hillclimb enthusiasts though was the appearance of the Techcraft-BRM. British Hillclimb legend the late Roy Lane built the car for hillclimbing in 1970 using a spaceframe chassis, a 2.2litre BRM V8 and the very trick BRM 4×4 transmission.

Techcraft-BRM Roy Lane BRM V8


Roy never had much success with the car and it was quickly sold on to John McCartney who fitted a smaller engine. The car now lives in the brilliant Coventry Transport Museum.

The weak link in the car was it’s complex 4×4 system and it’s easy to see why it would be tricky to sort out, as there are propshafts heading forwards & backwards all over the place and the cockpit mounted gearbox seems very strange!

It was great to see the car on display though, it is a proper piece of hillclimb history.

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