Brown’s Been Busy!

The one positive in all this awful weather is that it is leaving plenty of time for hillclimb folk to get out into the workshop and get on with the winter rebuilds or pre-season prep (if the workshop is still above water that is)!

George Brown OMS CF07

OMS CF07 build is progressing very well.


Nobody in the country has been more affected than the farming community who have had a shocking time in recent weeks. Whilst work on lots of farms has all but stopped, one Berkshire farm has seen a lot of work going on, but it has most been in a workshop….

A couple of weeks ago we broke the news that George Brown was working on a self-developed motorcycle-engined hillclimb contender, based on the ex. Bob Penbrose OMS CF07 chassis. Well, George has certainly made some good progress in the past few weeks.

The Junior member of the Brown hillclimbing dynasty has got an engine and rear suspension installed behind the carbon tub and is now working away on some aero developments for the car.

Well done on the progress George, and thanks so much for letting us have a sneaky peak at the work you have done. Great stuff!

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